Coota Girls Aboriginal Corporation aims to address the complex healing needs of our Stolen Generations Survivors and their families who are impacted by forced removals under the Aborigines Protection Act (1909-1969).

We work to meet the social, emotional and spiritual wellbeing needs of Coota Girls Survivors their families and their descendants.

We do this in a practical and holistic manner that is Survivor-led to address Stolen Generations and intergenerational trauma.


  • Reconnection to culture, mob, Country, language
  • Spiritual and Tradtitional healing supports
  • Collective healing events and gatherings
  • Stolen Generations specific trauma-informed networks


  • Delivery of Stolen Generations: Truth-telling and Education sessions
  • Raise awareness of the impacts of Stolen Generations and intergenerational trauma
  • Exhibitions and films
  • Community events
  • Education resources


  • True Survivor-led change
  • Newsletters
  • Community engagement
  • Preservation of the former Coota Domestic Training Home for Aboriginal Girls (1912-1969)
  • Stolen Generations specific Research
  • Digital Archive
  • Advocate for policy and systemic change with Government and Non-government agencies
  • Advocate for Unfinished Business outcomes


As well as meeting the social, emotional and spiritual needs and direct practical support needs, our dedicated team advocates for our Coota Girls Survivors and their families when dealing with government agencies/services such as:

  • Child Protection Services
  • Legal and Justice services
  • Housing services
  • Health Services
  • Out of Home care services
  • Domestic violence supports
  • Addiction supports
  • MyAged Care services
  • Disability services (National Disability Insurance Scheme NDIS)

Funding Partners

We acknowledge the Traditional Custodians of the lands, seas and waters which are embedded with our spirit, culture and knowledge. We recognise the powerful connection we have to our spirits, ancestors and to our community.

We pay our deepest respects to our Elders who sung the Songlines before us and those that will sing into the future.

We pay respects to our Stolen Generations Survivors, their families and whole communities, including those who never made it home, and those who are still searching.