Gumbaynggirr – Welcome Resources

Location: NSW

Some Alternative Names/Spellings:

Gumbaynggir, Kumbainggar, Gumbainggir Gamlamang Kumbainggiri

(*Source – Austlang Database – E7: Gumbaynggirr | AIATSIS Collection)

Welcome to the Coota Girls Family Hub page for Gumbayngirr language resources. Here you will find a selection of links to some Gumbayngirr language resources, including news articles, a dictionary and grammar, podcast episodes and videos.

We hope there is something here for you on your language journey!

We acknowledge the Traditional Custodians of the lands, seas and waters which are embedded with our spirit, culture and knowledge. We recognise the powerful connection we have to our spirits, ancestors and to our community.

We pay our deepest respects to our Elders who sung the Songlines before us and those that will sing into the future.

We pay respects to our Stolen Generations Survivors, their families and whole communities, including those who never made it home, and those who are still searching.