KBHAC's Mobile Education Centre launch

Last Thursday, on the anniversary of the National Apology to the Stolen Generations,  Coota Girls attended the launch of KBHAC’s Mobile Education Centre at Carriageworks, Eveleigh in Sydney. This was such a special occasion, and we are so proud of what KBHAC have achieved!

Coota Girl survivor and CGAC Director, Aunty Robyn Lowe, made a speech to congratulate our Uncles and the KBHAC team for their amazing efforts -

“Coota Girls congratulates our brothers at KBHAC on the launch of this deadly Mobile Education Centre. Coota survivors are excited that the stolen generations story can now go out into community. Everyone must know our story to ensure it does not happen again. Everyone must know how our forced removal continues to impact our descendants, who face many challenges. We also want everyone to know that we are making a new future for our families and our communities.”

The Mobile Educational Centre was beautifully designed by Kinchela Boys Home survivors and is an interactive keeping-place that captures the harsh and brutal environment that KBH Survivors endured as children, some as young as 2 years old.

KBHAC CEO Tiffany McComsey said “this story is important for all Australians to hear, no matter how long you’ve been here”.

We agree, and know the Mobile Education Centre is an important step in truth telling that will “unlock the past to free the future”.


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