Close the Gap 2020

With circumstances around COVID-19 changing rapidly, we want to let our readers know that Coota Girls Aboriginal Corporation remains dedicated to our role in supporting and advocating for Coota Girls survivors and their descendants. Please stay safe and well.

We will continue sharing and marking significant days for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people, particularly our beautiful Survivors.

Today is Close the Gap Day 2020.

In these extraordinary circumstances, all public events have been postponed, but there are still many activities that we can take part in today:

  1. Sign the Close the Gap pledge, asking friends and family to do the same

  2. Call, tweet or write to your local Member of Parliament and tell them you want them to Close the Gap.

  3. Listen to and share stories of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people on Facebook

  4. Use hashtag #ClosetheGap

  5. Donate to help Close the Gap

The question we ask today is have we moved closer to achieving equality for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people in health and life expectancy?

The answer is No. The Closing the Gap report 2020 is consistent with the previous 11 years, showing the same story of failure. The Closing the Gap 2020 report presented the annual review of progress, showing 5 of the 7 targets have still not been met.

The Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander child mortality rate remains double that of non-Aboriginal children.  School attendance, life expectancy, literacy and numeracy, and employment have shown little improvement, and sadly in some cases have even worsened.

“Equal health and education are human rights and the Close the Gap campaign will continue to hold governments to account on these issues”  June Oscar and Karl Briscoe

Moving forward we hope to see greater focus on Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people guiding the development of a new National Agreement on Closing the Gap.

Read the full Close The Gap 2020 report here

Here’s a great article for further reading:


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