As National Sorry Day 2020 approaches we would like to share with you Coota Girls Aboriginal Corporations’ Sorry Day Interactive Story Telling Activity.

Our beautiful families, in particular Survivors and our youth, are connecting and capturing their Survivor’s experiences through sharing, yarning, listening and storytelling. Through learning of their Survivor’s experiences, our families will have the opportunity to record their stories and create an artwork to accompany the knowledge that has been shared. We aim to publish (by consent) the stories and artworks collected in a book.

We would like to acknowledge the strength and resilience of all Coota Survivors. We also acknowledge the courage and generosity that comes with their sharing. To our families who are connecting, we wish to support truth telling and knowledge sharing for your healing. We acknowledge the transgenerational trauma and we hope this brings you closer to healing.

We hope by sharing your Stolen Generations story with each other that it is a memorable journey for all.