Alternative Names: Paakantji, Barkindji, Barkandji, Baagandji.
Location: Far West New South Wales
The Barkindji tribe are from rural and remote far west NSW. Barkindji people are also known as ‘River People’ due to Dareton, Menindee and Wilcannia being located on the Darling River. In Barkindji language, piipi means newborn baby, parlu means baby (parlu-ku means babies) and murrpa means child (murrpa-narra means children).

Common Words

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Language Introduction

Barkindji: Print Resources

TitleAuthorDate LinkOverviewMore Info
The Bagandji LanguageLuise Hercus1982Resource LinkBackground information, phonology, grammar, texts and two-way lexicon; mainly southern Bagandji, also information on Gurnu, Barundji, Wiljali, Danggagali, Bandjigali, Wanjubalgu, Marawara.’ –[popup_anything id=”1954″]
Development of a Learner’s Grammar for PaakantyiElena Handlos Andersen2015Resource Link The first section of this thesis is a dissertation providing background information relating to the Paakantyi people and their language; a summary of Paakantyi language documentation and renewal activities; and a description of the processes undergone in creating the learner’s grammar. The second and most substantial component of this thesis is the learner’s grammar itself, which is based on Luise Hercus’ 1982 book The Bāgandji Language. The framework of the learner’s grammar was created by summarising grammatical descriptions in The Bāgandji Language and supplementing these with examples and additional information taken from more recent resources.[popup_anything id=”1954″]
The Two Rainbow Serpents Travelling: Mura track narratives from the ‘Corner Country’Jeremy Beckett; Luise Hercus2009Resource Link“The ‘Corner Country’, where Queensland, South Australia and New South Wales now converge, was in Aboriginal tradition crisscrossed by the tracks of the mura, ancestral beings, who named the country as they travelled, linking place to language..”
Not only about Paakantyi, also includes Wangkumara, but contains lots of Paakantyi language and culture throughout.
Badger Bates quoted in foreword of book:
‘This book will help the young Paakantji people learn about their culture, but it will also help people from other communities and cultures understand how the Ngatyi made the landscape and introduce them to our Paakantji culture.’
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Mutawintji: Aboriginal Cultural Association with Mutawintji National ParkJeremy Beckett; Luise Hercus; Sarah Martin2008Resource LinkThe Mutawintji research project. A brief history of the Mutawintji and its people.Place names. People and places – families and ancestors of Mutawintji.[popup_anything id=”1954″]

Barkindji: Multi Media Resources

TitleAuthorDate LinkOverviewMore Info
Posters (x 3) from ‘Strengthening Language, Strengthening Community: showcasing Mildura’s Aboriginal languages’ ProjectChaffey Secondary College students, Mildura community, Debbie Loakes, Research Unit for Indigenous Language – University of Melbourne2019Resource LinkPoster created as part of the project ‘Strengthening Language, Strengthening Community: showcasing Mildura’s Aboriginal languages’ led by Debbie Loakes (Research Unit for Indigenous Language) with Chaffey Secondary College students, Mildura elders and community. Posters were made for both Latji Latji and Barkindji language.[popup_anything id=”1954″]
The Real Thing episode #18, Positively Wilcannia, part 3: You had me at NgaayiABC Radio National, Mike Williams, Timothy Nicastri2017Resource Link “Positively Wilcannia, part 3: taking anxiety out of health checks, and Barkindji for beginners.
Rugby league is being used to improve men’s health in more ways that one.
When the town travels to Menindee to support their teams, The Real Thing hitches a ride.
While there, we hear how Kayleen Kerwin’s family knack for language is encouraging the next generation of Barkindji culture.” Duration: 23min 45sec framework of the learner’s grammar was created by summarising grammatical descriptions in The Bāgandji Language and supplementing these with examples and additional information taken from more recent resources.
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Barkindji: Web Resources

TitleAuthorResource TypeLinkOverviewMore Info
AECG NSW Languages App – PaakantjiAECGAPPResource LinkLanguage app with dictionary[popup_anything id=”1954″]
My Weekend with Pop – Story told in PaakantyiAndrew Sloane and William Mitchell; SLNSWInteractive WebsiteResource Link My Weekend with Pop is a short interactive web-based bilingual story developed by SLNSW in conjunction with several communities to retell the story in several NSW Aboriginal languages including; Dharawal, Gumbaynggirr, Gamilaraay, Paakantyi and Wiradjuri. Teachers guide is also available. The Paakantyi Storytellers are Andrew Sloane and William Mitchell.[popup_anything id=”1954″]

Barkindji: Language Speakers

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